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FloraFauna Consulting is an independent consultancy specialising in ecological and bushfire assessments for the planning, management and development sectors.  We are solution-focussed and are able to deliver sound scientifically-based information to assist in the decision-making process.
With a background in local government development control spanning twenty years and a further seven years specialising in bushfire risk assessment with the NSW Rural Fire Service Steve Britt; the Principal of FloraFauna Consulting has a thorough understanding of the planning and development process.    We are highly motivated and enthusiastic at FloraFauna Consulting but we also take a pragmatic approach aimed at achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.  
FloraFauna Consulting employs best practice methodologies tailored to each project and the information needs of the client.  The consultancy is able to undertake ecological and bushfire assessments concurrently so that when a project involves both ecological and bushfire considerations, conflict between the different issues can be minimised and clients can benefit from savings in both time and expense.
While being based on the mid-north coast of NSW, FloraFauna Consulting can deliver expert ecological and bushfire assessment services throughout the State.
FloraFauna Consulting maintains high ethical standards, professionalism and confidentiality at all times. 





FloraFauna Consulting has relocated

FloraFauna Consulting has moved and is now based at Kundabung on the New South Wales mid-north coast between Port Macquarie and Kempsey.  The new office telephone number is (02) 6561 5263.


Recent Changes to Plant Nomenclature

There have been some recent changes to nomenclature within the Poaceae (grasses).  All of the Austrodanthonia are now Rytidosperma, which is assembled out of Joycea, Austrodanthonia, Notodanthonia, Erythranthera, Pyrrhanthera and Monostachya.


New Spatial Information Exchange (SIX) Maps

The Spatial Information Exchange is the website of Land and Property Information (a Division of the NSW Department of Finance and Services).  The SIX portal is the official source of NSW geospatial information and also provides access to authoritative land and property information.  The SIX maps have recently been upgraded and are very useful.  To view the maps go to and follow the links. 


Bushfire protection – Prepare Your Property

Regardless of whether you intend to leave early or stay and defend your property, you still need to prepare your property from a bushfire threat. There are numerous things you can do now to help prepare your property.


First of all visit the NSW Rural Fire Service website: and download a bushfire survival plan. This will be important in helping to guide you with your preparations. Next, consider what can be done around your property to reduce your risk.


Things such as cleaning out roof gutters, tidying up the yards and gardens, checking garden taps and hoses, and other maintenance activities can be done now.